Hey! I'm Molly! Named after the little orphan at the beginning of 'Annie' (the movie, with the redhead) who sucks her thumb and yells "Annie! Annie!" over and over again. Charming, I know, but that's what you get when your mother's a musical theatre buff. Consequently, I love all aspects of performing and try to do it as much as I can. Singing, dancing, the whole shebang! I can't promise you that I won't hop out on the dance floor at your wedding and bust a move, camera and all. I'm an old soul, and most of the time feel like that episode of 'Friends' where Phoebe gets possessed by the spirit of an old lady. Speaking of TV, I watch entirely too much of it. I have it on in the background most of the time, and I've seen every episode of my favorite shows at least 5 times. My idea of a perfect evening is sitting at home with my husband, Ben, and our fur babies, watching an episode of whatever show we're bingeing at the time, or playing Mario Kart. (Come on over, we're always accepting challengers!) I love being the comedic relief in a situation, and I will try my absolute hardest to make you laugh, most of the time with a TERRIBLE joke or pun. When I'm not performing, watching TV, or hanging out at home (what can I say, I like to live on the edge) I can be found at Pure Barre. I'm an instructor as well as an addict, and it's what keeps me sane most days. Anyway, enough about me. I can't wait to meet you and talk about our childhoods and our hopes and dreams and become best friends. 
Just kidding.
But not really.


I believe that why I do what I do is as important as what I do. For me, photography is taking tiny, fleeting moments and making them last forever. After losing my grandparents, my dad gave me box after box of family photos he found in their home: my grandparents ONE wedding picture, my uncles as children, my dad and his brothers going off to school dances, and so many other precious memories. My favorite images though, are the candid ones of my grandparents just being themselves. Shelling peas in the backyard, sitting in their kitchen drinking sweet tea or playing checkers, smiling as they did yard work. I am so thankful to have these pictures, because it reminds me of who my grandparents really were, from day to day, no bells or whistles. Likewise, I want your photos to capture the essence of who you are. I want your kids and grandkids to look at these photographs in 50 years and recognize the way you always held each other and the way you look at each other, or that one funny face you make that always gets a laugh. I want to be there for some of the biggest moments in your life, while also recognizing that sometimes the little unexpected moments are the ones that we treasure the most. I want to create images that are genuinely, authentically YOU, and I'm honored to have the opportunity to do just that.


If you made it through all of that, bless you. Now shoot me an email and let's hang out!!


Specializing in digital lifestyle and event photography, I want to help you capture the moments that mean the most to you! Serving Pensacola, Florida and surrounding areas, including Destin, Florida, Orange Beach, Alabama, Mobile, Alabama, and throughout the Gulf Coast and Florida panhandle. Available for weddings, engagements, family sessions, senior portraits, newborn sessions, and more! Let me help you capture your memories!

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