Wedding Day Questionnaire

Time Photographer is to arrive *
Time Photographer is to arrive
Getting Ready Location *
Getting Ready Location
If different from ceremony location
Ceremony Address *
Ceremony Address
Reception Address
Reception Address
Contact the day of the wedding
Contact the day of the wedding
Wedding planner/coordinator/maid of honor etc. Preferably not you or your partner
Pictures with certain family members, any props, etc.
Casual, dressy casual, semi-formal, formal, etc.
Are you doing a first look?
A separate time before the ceremony for the almost newlyweds to see each other and have a private moment
Where photographers can/cannot stand, whether or not they allow flash, etc.
How close would you like me to get during the ceremony? *
Depending on venue restrictions, things like standing/squatting in the aisle to get photos of the entrance/partners reaction, going behind the officiant to get close up photos, standing behind the couple for the first kiss, etc. Your choice may affect the quality of your photos.
Lighting a unity candle, sand, etc.
I want to make sure to have enough time for all the photos you want to take! I may ask you to tweak certain portions to give more time for certain things.
Parents, grandparents, siblings, children, extended family, etc.
How important is it to you that we get photos of you with your guests?
If so, please specify what kind (ex: bubbles, sparklers, etc.)
Please let me know if I need to get a vendor food box from the caterer, or if we'll have a seat for a more formal dinner. Otherwise we just wait until everyone has gotten food and grab something really quick!
Both partners, please answer!
Dress brand/designer, Florist/Rentals, Ceremony Venue, Officiant, Reception Venue, Event Planner, Caterer, Videographer